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Molten Core

We cleared Molten Core Horde first on Nostalrius PvE 4 weeks after server launch. We cleared it in a joint raid with 'Video Games' as we needed more than the 30 members at lvl 60 we had at that point. We continued to merge with said guild and were known as 'Deju Vu' for the remainder of Nostalrius (Nostalrius got shut down on 10/04/2016 just before BWL release).

Onyxia - Blackwing Lair

Sadly enough we don't have any recording of our first Nefarian kill so I added another dragon we killed on the way! We cleared BWL on Darrowshire PvE (Back under the alias Chocolate Milk) Horde first with Razorgore and Vaelastrasz as server firsts. Here you can see the entire race including timestamps. No worries there's another video where we kill him a bit further down.

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Darrowshire (Elysium) got shut down late 2017 but was immediately replaced by Light's Hope. On this new server we proceeded to have the Horde first C'thun kill.


On the 5th of April 2018, two and a half years (and a lot of server transfers) later we finally killed Kel'Thuzad! This was another Horde first kill and we continued to clear Naxx on a weekly basis untill the beginning of September (for a total amount of approximately 30 kills).

Speed runs


During the long wait for the AQ war effort we tried out speed running the current content.

  • MC: 34 min
  • ZG: 34 min
  • BWL: 54 min

Here you can see how that compared to the other top guilds on the server at the time.

World bosses

During our time on Nostalrius PvE we had a strong grip on both Kazzak and Azuregos getting more than 90% of the kills. Ofcourse the competition for these is less severe than on PvP servers but it still required some effort. Later onwards we kept killing them consistently aswell as the Dragons of Nightmare which we don't have any footage of sadly enough.

Random stuff