- When does Classic release?

The 27th of August 12 AM CEST time. For more timezones check here.

- When are the raid days?

Monday: 20:00 - 23:30 CEST

Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 CEST

These are subject to change during progression, it's also probable we will go to 3 raid days when we reach the last raid tiers.

- What loot system will be used?

We will use loot council.

- What are your plans for PvP?

We are a PvE focused guild, there will however be pre-made Battlegrounds hosted by one of our officers.

- Do I need to apply as a member?

At the moment yes, when Classic releases we will change the application form and it will only be used for those that wish to get a raiding spot.

- When do you expect to start raiding?

We aim to clear MC in the second to third week after release this relies largely on the speed and amount of people reaching lvl 60.

- I was a raider on the private servers already, will I maintain that rank?

Everyone that has raiding interests will be required to trial at the start of raiding, new and old members alike.

- Do you have any specs that are banned?

There are no banned specs in the guild but don't expect to get a raidspot with a spec that doesn't give the same benefit as other more competitive ones.

- When will you start creating the raid roster?

We don't expect it to happen before our first MC clear and much less before any character gets created. Creating a core raid group now is much like creating your sports team before the players are born. There is too little to base ourselves on except for blind trust.

This does not mean the first people to get to 60 or in on the first MC are guaranteed a raid spot at all. It does give those players a chance to prove themselves earlier. When we do reach the point of recruitment for the main raid team, the member application form will be replaced by a much more extensive one for trial raiders. There people will be able to provide more evidence and background of their skills and why we should be trialing them. Likely we will do something similar beforehand for the missing CL positions.

This does not mean we're starting fresh and have no preparation by the way. I expect a lot of our previous members to be very fast in the race to 60 and to put up a competitive trial so we can welcome them back in the raid team they belong. It is up to the new applicants to prove themselves to be equally as good or better.

Everybody will get the same chance and there will be no favouritism. Do consider that acquiring a trial will be increasingly difficult the more the raid team gets formed. What I mean is don't expect to reach lvl 60 after a month or two of raiding and instantly get a trial/raid spot.