Who are we?

Chocolate Milk is a Gehennas EU-based Horde raiding guild. We were established in 2015 on the private server Nostalrius and are comprised of friends both new and old. In classic we played on Earthshaker where we achieved every raid tier as Horde server first and made several top 20 world appearances in the speedrun scene. For TBC we'll be taking a less hardcore approach where the goal will mainly be to have relaxed and fun yet efficient raids while discovering what Outland has to offer!

First Warglaive set complete!

A week ago we got the off-hand glaive from our second Illidan kill. This week on our 4th clear, the mainhand dropped! Our first set is now complete (some luck involved)!


Illidan defeated!

Illidan is no more! You could say he is the one who was not prepared!


Mount Hyjal cleared!

With a small delay due to the very poorly timed release, we cleared Mount Hyjal on our first raid day!


Lady Vashj & Kael'thas down

After an unfortunate but necessary server transfer we finally managed to clear Phase 2 of Classic TBC! Even though the dying server delayed our kills we will miss you Earthshaker!


Gruul & Magtheridon kill

Two days after our Karazhan clear and within the first reset week we killed Gruul. With a #3 execution Horde side one-shot kill on Magtheridon this evening, the 25 man content has been dealt with achieving 3/3 & 10/10 progress for phase 1!


First Karazhan clear

For the first raid of TBC Classic we took down Karazhan!


TBC Classic Launch

Chocolate Milk will be returning for TBC! For more info you can check out our Discord and PM any of the officers, you're always welcome to apply too.


Horde server first Naxxramas clear

Our Classic journey came to an end with the death of KT, after struggling with Sapphiron for a bit we managed to One-shot KT without any issues! We were the 10th European Horde guild to complete the raid and this solidified our position as the number 1 Horde guild on Earthshaker for the entirety of Classic.


Horde server first AQ40 clear

We managed to kill C'thun as the first Horde guild on the server and the fifth in Europe! For the first week of AQ release we managed to record the second fastest complete AQ40 Horde clear and are the fourth on execution in the world. Now we await and look forward to the last raid tier of Classic WoW.


Scarab Lord

Congratulations to Royal for achieving Scarab Lord as the first Horde player on the server and third Horde player EU. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, this is our first appearance in a blue post!


Second BWL speedrun

After our first phase 4 and second BWL speedrun week we crushed our own record with a whopping time of 25:09! With this we remain the #1 Horde guild on Earthshaker and were in the top 10 horde in the world at the time.


We made front page boys!

Tonight during our first BWL speedrun we took home the #2 position Horde side for speed in the world and the #2 overall spot for execution in the world. Our total time was 29:55. This was the last week of phase 3.


Horde server first BWL clear

After 1 hour and 40 minutes we managed to take down Nef as the first Horde guild on the server!


Second MC speedrun

For our second and last speedrun before BWL release run we ended up at 32 minutes and 31 seconds. Just one spot shy of the top 10 Horde guilds in the world.


First MC speedrun

We gave our first speedrun a shot and ended up second on the server, 30th in the world and 6th European Horde guild at the time. Congratulations to everyone involved!


Server first Kazzak kill

Today phase two launched bringing us the honor system and the world bosses Azuregos and Kazzak. We were lucky enough to be the first full raid present to get the tag on Kazzak and kill him while being defended by Horde guilds from intruding Alliance. Subsequently Azuregos got killed by another Horde guild marking today as a big victory for the Horde!


Molten Core cleared

After years of waiting we finally killed Ragnaros again two weeks into Classic WoW. This means we cleared Molten Core within the second reset week which was our initial goal. This puts us as the 28th guild in the world to clear Molten Core. Congratulations to everyone involved!


Sadly enough we have no logs of our first run as noone was recording it.


  • Shaman - Open

  • Warlock - Closed

  • Mage - Closed

  • Priest - Open

  • Warrior - Closed

  • Paladin - Closed

  • Hunter - Closed

  • Rogue - Closed

  • Druid - Open

Always looking out for exceptionnel applicants

Raid times

subject to change during progression
  • Monday: 19:45 - 23:30 CEST

  • Wednesday: 19:45 - 23:30 CEST